Indie VR Spotlight: Annie Amber

If you’ve ever wanted to journey through the murky subconscious of another human being, Pantumaca Barcelona’s Annie Amber should suffice.

Players of this experience will have the chance to piece together a woman’s life through the fragmented symbolism of her memories. Exploring this dreamlike state through imagery of the solar system forces players to solve around 21 puzzles in order to learn more about this mysterious protagonist. With such a simple, yet mind bendingly complex concept, Annie Amber becomes an exercise in cloudy minimalism. Through the poetry and surrealism of the human mind, this VR title takes players on a journey through another’s mind – something we’ve not yet experienced in this manner.

What’s more, players can interact with this dream world without the use of a controller. Simply relying on the movement of your head, the experience boasts six mechanics for interaction, each using just the player’s head. It makes for an incredibly immersive experience, and bizarrely heightens the feeling of realism ultimately serving to create a sense of intrusion.

Annie Amber is currently available on Steam for £5.59 and is playable on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Developers Pantumaca Barcelona’s previous projects including the award winning puzzler MIND: Path to Thalamus are testament to the company’s continuing innovation in virtual reality experiences.

Website: Pantumaca Barcelona

Twitter: @PantumacaBCN



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