5 Things All Pokemon GO Players Hate

The world has fallen in love with Pokemon GO but that doesn't necessarily mean the app is a walk in the park (geddit). There are still many features and flaws that pop up and make the whole experience just a little exasperating, to the point where seeing someone groaning at their phone in public can usually be... Continue Reading →

Is This The Nintendo NX Chip?

According to industry insider Direct Feed Gaming, the Nintendo NX console will run the Nvidia Pascal Tegra chip on release in 2017. Though still in the rumour stage, the chip makes sense if the portable / home console situation is still on the table - with power efficiency being one of the most notable benefits... Continue Reading →

PSVR Cinematic Mode: Explained

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan have just released a blog post detailing some new features of the PSVR system. It speaks of a 'cinematic mode' in which non-VR PS4 releases can be viewed through the headset on a massive scale. Offering three screen sizes suggests that this feature is geared towards several different uses. The small... Continue Reading →

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