Check Out Dolphin 5.0’s Impressive New Emulation Features

In case you didn’t know, the Dolphin emulator allows players to run GameCube games on their computers, and if you didn’t know that then you probably also didn’t know that it’s been a while since its last update.

The software was beginning to show its age, but thankfully we have version 5.0 here ready to save the day. With a  host of graphical improvements that clear up many of the aesthetic glitches that occured in certain games with 4.0 games look and feel better. And timing and audio advances make some titles otherwise unplayable on the system a joy. They also explosively claim they’ve implemented accurate zfreeze emulation.

Other features include automatic GameCube aspect ratio detection, support for Xbox 360 controller as well as other 3rd party controllers through direct access with no button configuration, 3D stereoscopic output, and an updated GBA link support.

They’ve spent a lot of time on textures as well, not only in terms of upgrading quality of aesthetic, but also speeding up titles that reload multiple textures in play. Games look and feel extremely more inviting, and run like they should.

It’s all explained here:



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