Data Miner Unearths Wealth of Battlefield 1 Secrets and Features

Lobix300, a data miner, recently published details of upcoming shooter Battlefield 1 that he had unearthed when searching through the alpha’s code. There are obviously some spoilers ahead, which you probably guessed by the title of this post… they’re the entire reason you’re here so i’m guessing they won’t offend you.

The user begins the post by apologising to EA and DICE, before launching into a full episode list. From there we have all the subtitles in the single player campaign and a non-exhaustive list of character names – Pritchard, Mcmanus, Finch, Townsend, and Edwards. We have information surrounding a Dog Tag trophy system and a pretty detailed weapons list. Ranging from a Colt 1911 to a simple mortar, combat looks set to be as diverse as we’ve come to expect from the Battlefield games.

We are also treated to a map list, perhaps the most exciting part of the leak as it demonstrates the backdrops against which we will be living out these experiences: MP_Amiens, MP_Chateau, MP_Desert, MP_FaoFortress, MP_Forest, MP_Argonne, MP_ItalianCoast, MP_MountainFort, MP_Scar, and MP_Suez.

We also have Rush, Conquest, Team Death Match, Breakthrough, Domination, Possession, and Air Superiority among some game modes unearthed.

The full haul can be found over on Reddit.



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