The Interesting Question Project Scorpio Poses for Console Wars

Microsoft are letting people forget about the Xbox One.

Project Scorpio has been out in the open for a while now, following PlayStation’s progressions with their Neo idea. Its features have been rumoured and its price point speculated but one thing’s in agreement, it looks nothing like any other console we’ve seen.

This is where things get interesting. Microsoft are letting people forget about the Xbox One. It was never a disappointment by any stretch of the imagination, but it only existed to keep up with Sony. It did everything the PS4 did, not as well, and for a bigger price. Yet it sold well and kept people happy through its exclusive lineups. But in the last few months, Microsoft have ripped the path out from under its players’ feet and pointed them in a fairly unexpected direction. With the announcement of the Xbox One S, players were invited to 4K gaming months before Sony could release its 4K console. Though the price point is more attractive to those 360 players desperately holding off on their current-gen purchase, Microsoft have announced that they are working with their partners in retail to offer existing Xbox One-ers decent trade-in prices. Consider that alongside Xbox Play, which will allow Xbox One titles to play on Windows 10 PC software and a broader motive becomes somewhat apparent.


This motive is ever clearer when we look at Project Scorpio, the super-console set to release in November 2017. Analysts have taken a look at the boasted technical features, and argue it impossible for Microsoft to bring the cost of their console down below $1,000. With its rumoured interchangeable parts, and support for VR headsets, Scorpio sounds like a gaming PC.

Microsoft gearing their players away from the idea of the console takes some balls. Either they’re admitting defeat to Sony in the console market, or they know exactly when to jump ship. Regardless, the console, PC hybrid is on its way and we’ll see some new divides in the communities of both platforms.

The self-proclaimed PC master race will see an influx of us peasant consolers. As Xbox Scorpios head from the Xbox One into uncharted (PS4 exclusive pun intended) territory, we’ll see a new generation of PC-ish gamers deciding which side of the divide they fall on. Similarly, a new sub-divide between old time PC gamers and the new Scorpio intake may cause issues with the neat categorisations of human beings that, for some reason, we’ve come to accept as lore.

And that’s not even taking the PS4 Neo into account.



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