No Man’s Sky Has Gone Gold

Umm guys... it's happened.  After a severely delayed release, lawsuit from Sky, and an award for Most Anticipated Game from Amazon, indie marketing phenomenon No Man's Sky has finally gone deliciously gold. Fans who have had their hopes dashed at every gear up to the temporary release dates are celebrating just as much as the devs, who posted... Continue Reading →

How To Score A Free Copy of Trials of the Blood Dragon

Ubisoft have merged their motorbike plaformer Trials with their comic first person shooter spin-off Far Cry: Blood Dragon to create a neon-biker fusion. Revealed at E3, Trials of the Blood Dragon lifted many a wry smile from spectators with its tongue in cheek ad and 80s inspired campaign. Continuing their crusade into the whimsical, Ubisoft have announced that when the demo drops... Continue Reading →

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