How To Score A Free Copy of Trials of the Blood Dragon

Ubisoft have merged their motorbike plaformer Trials with their comic first person shooter spin-off Far Cry: Blood Dragon to create a neon-biker fusion. Revealed at E3, Trials of the Blood Dragon lifted many a wry smile from spectators with its tongue in cheek ad and 80s inspired campaign.

Continuing their crusade into the whimsical, Ubisoft have announced that when the demo drops on July 22nd players who are able to complete it with fewer than 15 mistakes will bag themselves a free copy of the game.

It’s just for PC gamers, so after downloading the demo from Uplay have at it and you might just save a few quid down the line. That’s if you’re good enough, and judging by Ubisoft’s confidence in their pile of free games, Trials of the Blood Dragon may be just as difficult as it is badass.


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