Kill Strain Gets New Release Trailer

Sony handed a sneaky copy of Kill Strain to its PS Plus members under the table earlier this week, and now that the general release date is coming up we’ve been treated to some new footage of the f2p shooter.

The top-down combat strategy is closely modelled on that of Evolve, however players are set up in teams of 4 vs. 4 vs. 2. While the larger teams of humans battle for resources, the smaller teams of 2 mutants are tasked with attacking survivors and continuing their contagion.

The concept of playing as the enemy is something few games have touched upon. We had some AAA coverage of it in Dying Light a few years ago, but not much with the Sony seal of approval has passed over to the dark side. Kill Strain officially releases on 19th July, though PS Plus members can grab a copy now.


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