Meet Ingress, The Forerunner to Pokemon Go

While Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm in a matter of days without even being available in many regions, the company behind it all released the game’s forerunner 3 years ago in the form of Ingress. 

Ingress turns the world around you into a Watch-Dogs style techy data bank. With players set in two teams to capture ‘portals’ at various locations across the world then linking these often culturally significant locations to create triangles that act as ‘control fields’ on the map. The game is furthered through the amount of ‘mind units’ acquired by the player through the creation of these control fields.

The two factions are working to save humanity, though with wildly different methods. After strange substances are found following the discovery of the Higgs Boson, they are attributed to the work of ‘shapers’, an unidentified species. While the Enlightened faction believe that the next stage in human evolution is afoot, the Resistance backs the defence, protecting the human race and maintaining our current world order.


Niantic developed the game separately back then, however used much of the same data to develop Pokemon GO, we see many gyms and stops in the same places as these portals. More and more people are picking up Ingress since the release of Pokemon GO and the subsequent credibility boost this type of gameplay has received.

Ingress is available on Android and iOS.


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