Nintendo Stock Prices Push Value Higher Than Sony

The tale of how a free to play mobile game boosted Nintendo stock prices more than a home console launch, several handheld launches, and 6 years of business. 

That’s right, after a hard 6 years, Nintendo has just become worth more than Sony. It’s taken its crown back from the younger powerhouse that is Sony, and the pair of Japanese giants are battling once more for their market share. Since the release of Pokemon GO, Nintendo’s stock prices have risen to over 30,000 yen which doubles the company’s market capitalisation since last week and places it at its highest in six years.

According to data analysis from Survey Monkey, Pokemon GO holds the title of most successful mobile based app, and is currently used more than WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat. Though Nintendo aren’t directly responsible for the app, they still own a third of the Pokemon company, though receive the least amount in payment from the app when compared to other subsidiaries like Apple and Niantic themselves.



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