Pre-Order Razer’s OSVR HDK2 Devkit Now

At E3 this year, Razer announced their upgrade on a previous VR headset development kit. The OSVR HDK2 is now available for preorder at $399, substantially less than its market competitors Oculus and HTC which stand at $599 and $799 respectively.

The upgraded set brings with it a higher resolution display, 90 Hz refresh rate, winder, and 110 degree field of vision. Though there are some obvious differences between this more affordable kit and those of industry leaders Oculus and HTC, it just that – more affordable. Razer are tapping into the everyday market in ways Oculus and HTC stepped over in order to push the VR experience into the hands of the industry veterans and get the show on the road.


The OSVR HDK2 offers everyday gamers and developers the opportunity to experience a higher level of virtual reality than that currently afforded in this price bracket, while leaving more advanced features to the big guys. Their open source platform however allows the virtual reality industry to move forward at relatively the same pace to ensure a smooth transgression into this wildly new form of media consumption.

So far, Razer has seen popularity among the hacker crowds with its first dev kit, as well as a select few independent developers. However it looks like indies are still more inclined to develop on platforms such as Unity and Unreal before porting over to the big name VR headsets, so there’s a way to go yet for this mid-range kit.

With the support of various external hardware manufacturers available for input, the headset does not ship with controllers however it does come with two games available straight out the box (Decent: Underground, and Radial G: Racing Revolved) if you order before before 28th July.

Preorders for the kit are open now, and shipping begins July 29th.



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