Open Overwatch eSports Tournament Begins Saturday 23rd July

It was only a matter of time, but it’s been officially announced today. Facelt and eLeague will host the tournament, with a total prize pool of $300k.

Open to both European and North American teams, online rounds begin tomorrow (Saturday 23rd July), and continue through until Friday 26th August. That weekend will then see regional playoffs, the top 8 teams of which are headed to Atlanta’s eLeague Arena. The Grand Final kicks off Friday September 30th, boasting a $100k cash prize.


Both sets of finals will be broadcast live on Twitch, with the Grand Final seeing screen time on TBS as well. The open online qualifying rounds go live tomorrow, and teams can sign up hereOverwatch has been played competitively pretty much since its release, though this tournament brings the title to bigger screens and bigger prize pools. The $300k is the biggest pile of cash set aside for Overwatch so far, and the support of TBS and Turner Sports will take Overwatch eSports to the big leagues. It should also go without saying that this is a Blizzard title, and so was probably primed for eSports glory since birth.



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