PSVR Cinematic Mode: Explained

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan have just released a blog post detailing some new features of the PSVR system. It speaks of a ‘cinematic mode’ in which non-VR PS4 releases can be viewed through the headset on a massive scale.

Offering three screen sizes suggests that this feature is geared towards several different uses. The small 117 inch size fills the screen with empty space, though adjusts itself to your position meaning you can lie down, whereas the large spans the equivalent of 226 inches placing it in the realm of the cinema screen. This epic size screen has been likened to sitting front row in a movie theatre, and will require you to move your head side to side slightly to view the whole image. The Japan team used footage from Uncharted 4 to show the feature off.


It essentially means that you can use your PSVR system as a screen in itself, similar to remote play.

There’s no word yet on any other apps to take advantage of this feature, however many are talking about the possible limitations of the screen door effect on the cinematic experience.



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