Here Are Your PlayStation Plus Free Games For August

It’s not a stand out lineup but it looks like there might be a little something for the space pirates in this month’s bag of free goodies.

Tricky Towers PS4

Think of Tricky Towers, the indie puzzler hitting PS Store on August 2nd, as reverse Tetris. Stacking your tetromino bricks becomes a fast and addictive race as you play against friends locally and online, casting spells to strengthen your own position and sabotage theirs. With multiple modes, Tricky Towers looks just as gripping as a single player title, and with nothing to lose there’s no point not jumping aboard while it’s free and fresh.

Rebel Galaxy PS4

Rebel Galaxy has been around for almost a year now, though not a lot has been spoken about the watered down space simulator. Attempting to bridge the gap between the complex and time consuming nature of many vast space exploration experiences and the everyday gamer without the time for such planning, Rebel Galaxy takes the edge off the genre and has earned itself a fairly positive review rating across several outlets so far.

Ultratron PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Old school gameplay and battling drones await in Ultratron. Though many players may already own this title on other platforms, its PlayStation release in May 2015 went relatively unnoticed. No wonder we’re seeing it now then. The battler sees a modern take on retro game elements and adds more contemporary upgrade features in a nostalgic genre twist.

We’re also seeing Yakuza 5 and Retro / Grade on the PS3 as well as rhythm PSP game Patapon 3 free on Vita.



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