No Man’s Sky Explorer’s Edition Mystery Item Revealed

If you’re in the market for the $150 No Man’s Sky Explorer’s Edition, you’ll be happy to know producer iam8bit has just announced their ‘mystery item’.

The limited boxed edition of the breakout indie release has been floating around for the last few months, with a final mystery item to be announced in the run up to release day. A traveller’s log notebook and pressurised space pen will accompany the rest of the loot to help you keep track of your adventures.


Perhaps more exciting than this mystery item, the rest of the Explorer’s Edition consists of a 1:35 scale cast metal ship replica, a hard enamel traveller pin, and display backdrop. Concerning the metal ship replica, iam8bit are quick to explain just how sophisticated their product is:

“Seriously, this isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill resin statue! It’s actual metal – involving a much more complex production process, harkening back as far as the 1900s (when tin toys were all the rage). Trust us, holding this cold, metal beauty in your hands is immensely satisfying. It’s a true labor of love.”

The Explorer’s Edition will sell only 10,000 units, and fast. With the edition catering for the PC market only, other sets are being set aside for console players, though many have already sold out. No Man’s Sky is set for release August 9th 2016.



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