Why The Xbox One S Controller Is Microsoft’s Best Yet

The first handful of Xbox One S controllers are doing the rounds and bringing in some surprisingly positive reviews. The Design Lab is going down well despite its controllers demanding an extra $20 per unit, but what’s kicking it out the park is the strength.

Across the board, the controller is scoring incredibly highly for sturdiness, where Microsoft and Sony have previously fallen short. Stick rotation and resistance is up again, building on the progress Microsoft made with their 2015 revision. With textured grip pads on the reverse of the unit, the feeling of control is higher than ever.

While the Elite Controller does do a few things slightly better, it’s better to spend the $60 – $80 on a product built in the same fundamental manner but lacking a couple extras than fork out for the $150 unit. Speaking of the Elite however, the One S controller goes back to the good old bluetooth connection suspiciously missing in its pro big brother. With improved range and the ability to connect to laptops, tablets, and smart phones, Microsoft is definitely leaving its shoe in the door for access to the mobile and PC hardware markets.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 18.09.28.png

The Design Lab was perhaps, for many, the most exciting element to come out of the One S so far. Feedback has suggested that the final product is incredibly faithful to its onscreen representation with colours coming out accurately and crisply. The Lab itself is incredibly easy to use and use well, with preset colour pallets allowing a dynamic range of options while rendering it impossible to create a clashing controller.

Overall, the controller is doing very well in its first few shipments. You can head over to the Design Lab here and get started on your own, and expect shipment to begin September. The non-personalised controllers are released August 2nd for $60 / £40.



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