How Apps Like MyGoBot Are Ruining Pokemon GO – But That’s OK

There’s been a spattering of Pokemon GO cheat apps popping up and down over the last few weeks. However MyGoBot only just arrived, and works as a paid amalgamation of all these cheat apps in one $5 package. And it’s ruining Pokemon GO.

What happened to these players who no longer enjoy the actual play experience of games like this, but rather pay money to not have to play it? MyGoBot boasts that it “makes Pokemon GO completely automated!” by allowing players to catch Pokemon from their couches and configuring automatic settings to take care of transferring, evolving, and hatching. The app makes the entire premise of the game these players are so desperate to be the best in completely redundant in the process.

GPS spoofing has been a common practice among heartless Pokemon GO-ers, with some minor punishment being recorded in response. However on this level, making it so that your phone will essentially act as a Pokemon harvesting machine defeats every single purpose of the game.

I’m not angry because of the empty bragging rights the cheaters will have. I’m not even angry because it undercuts the work of the players who actually played. I’m angry because we have a class example here of how the sanctity of the play experience can be eroded by laziness and internet-era instant gratification.


But that’s ok.

Because Niantic have already been rolling out the minor punishments for a spot of GPS spoofing here and there and it’s really pissed cheaters off. New updates will bring new walls to the game, new barricades against this PC cheat machine, and new methods of humiliation for those who pay not to play. Niantic have shown us that they have the ability to track those who use GPS spoofing, we just need to ignore the cheaters until they figure out these updated tactics.



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