Is This The Nintendo NX Chip?

According to industry insider Direct Feed Gaming, the Nintendo NX console will run the Nvidia Pascal Tegra chip on release in 2017. Though still in the rumour stage, the chip makes sense if the portable / home console situation is still on the table – with power efficiency being one of the most notable benefits of this kit.


However if true, the chip does suggest the NX is working at the same level as current gen gear from Sony and Xbox but won’t cut it compared to their Neo and S counterparts. The news does come with some relief in this department however, as news recently broke that the console would be using the Tegra X1 (similar to that of a PS3 or Xbox 360) – though new sources suggest the chip will in fact be the as-yet unreleased X2. The Pascal graphics capabilities will bring the Nvidia chip up to date and into current generation gaming.




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