5 Things All Pokemon GO Players Hate

The world has fallen in love with Pokemon GO but that doesn’t necessarily mean the app is a walk in the park (geddit). There are still many features and flaws that pop up and make the whole experience just a little exasperating, to the point where seeing someone groaning at their phone in public can usually be explained by an unexplained game freeze.

People Making Sure You Know They’re Not Playing


We know some people are violently morally against Pokemon GO, for whatever reason. So the same people laughing at all the ‘nerds’ venturing forth on their phones are spending just as much time updating statuses and tweeting about how they still aren’t playing Pokemon GO. The first status may be a simple fact, the second an elaboration on why Pokemon GO is a waste of time, the third a share of some article about a dumb kid walking into the road while playing the game accompanied by a damning critical response worthy of Shakespeare – and the whole rigamarole begins again. Maybe it’s a pride thing, maybe they just don’t want people to know they can’t even catch a Weedle, but if you’re not playing Pokemon GO chances are we already know, so stop telling us.



I could go down the obvious route of the Rattata / Pidgey pest control problem, but that’s been all over the internet. Instead i’m going to focus on the common Zubat. Not only do they crop up almost as often as their ground-based counterparts but for the love of everything that is Pokemon, i can never bloody catch them. So even if I do relent, think I haven’t caught anything in a while I might as well grab a spooky flier while it’s here, and tap that little bastard, it’ll take me about 12 Pokeballs and 20 minutes to finally capture the winged rat.

No Trading


Not from the start anyway – it is coming eventually. However not having a trading feature right off the bat is fairly bizarre for a game that bases a third of its mechanics on swapping Pokemon with friends coming to a community driven platform. There’s nothing more frustrating than spying a much needed furry friend on another’s phone and noting they need one of your doubles. As it stands we’ll just have to hold on for a while for this feature, though hopefully it doesn’t come just as the game is dying out.

Battles Aren’t Turn Based

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 13.02.01.png

Pokemon has always been turn based combat. It’s the best way to showcase the stat features built so lovingly into each character and to allow players to intelligently fight their haul. And yet the battle system we have in place demands a whole lot of insane enemy tapping. Don’t get me wrong, i love the tension of it and the dodge feature brings some nice reaction based play but with so much thought going into evolving and power up politics, it’s strange that thought level isn’t encouraged in battle.

This Screen

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 12.58.03.png

We know there are server issues. We know that when schools kick out, the whole map goes to shit and you can barely move without a frozen phone. However the most frustrating meltdown is the just-caught-a-rare-Pokemon-and-it’s-just-sitting-there screen. You’ve dedicated so many Pokeballs and so much time to that one Pokemon you really need and your phone just gives out when you capture it. It’s got to the point now where I breathe a sigh of relief at the sight of those three stars exploding from the ball even if it’s just a Pidgey.



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