No Man’s Sky: Be Wary of Black Holes

As more and more of the No Man's Sky universe is being uncovered, players are beginning to come across black holes. These warps throw you lightyears closer to the centre of the universe, and are a great trick for rapid progression through the game. They also look pretty cool too. However be wary. If you have previous... Continue Reading →

2 Step PS4 Verification Just Around The Corner

News hit today that Sony will be rolling out its 2-step verification process across PS4 systems in Australia and New Zealand some time tonight. A Sony support worker detailed the security improvements, announcing that after implementation in Australia and NZ, the move will spread to more regions. A 2-step verification has been on the cards... Continue Reading →

Indie VR Spotlight: Dead Bug Creek

"Discover clues, party with some dead guys and learn the secrets of Dead Bug Creek" boasts this free roaming adventure VR title's website. Based on developer and artist Ashley Pinnick's own experience growing up in the deserted depths of Arizona, Dead Bug Creek positions you as an alien explorer, allowing you to roam the heavily stylised landscapes... Continue Reading →

Watch Bethesda’s Prey Gameplay Trailer Here

"To make this right, someone has to die" protagonist Morgan Yu laments at the end of Bethesda's new gameplay trailer for their Prey reboot. The line is strangely meta - in order to right the wrong of their failed Prey 2 sequel in 2012, everything we ever knew about Prey had to die. The resulting project couldn't be further from the... Continue Reading →

Hue Comes to PS4, Vita, Xbox One, and PC This Month

A few months ago we interviewed Dan Da Rocha, one of the creative minds behind out-of-university independent video game developing team Fiddlesticks. Having previously wiped the floor with puzzler Q.U.B.E, they're back with colour-manipulating puzzle platformer Hue.  Playing as titular character Hue, players must seek their lost mother in a grayscale world while learning to master the mysterious... Continue Reading →

Xbox One S / PS4 Size Comparison Surfaces

Size matters when it comes to consoles, and it seems the Xbox One S has won out over Sony's PS4 when it comes to hardware heft. Netherlands based site intheGame posted these images of the size difference between the One S console and the PS4, with Microsoft's offering coming in substantially smaller. Not only that... Continue Reading →

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