Indie VR Spotlight: Dead Bug Creek

“Discover clues, party with some dead guys and learn the secrets of Dead Bug Creek” boasts this free roaming adventure VR title’s website. Based on developer and artist Ashley Pinnick’s own experience growing up in the deserted depths of Arizona, Dead Bug Creek positions you as an alien explorer, allowing you to roam the heavily stylised landscapes and meet its bizarre inhabitants. It’s a classic outsider’s view – and a great way to get over the i-can’t-see-my-own-body-who-am-I VR debacle. Together with new friend Flora, the secrets of this town are open to your investigation and every crevice ready for exploration.

Dead Bug Creek has been a long time coming, with development team California Rex working on the project since Pinnick left university with a prototype. The duo consists of Pinnick alongside Antonio Chang, an award-nominated visual effects artist and is based out of Los Angeles. The title is dedicated to Cody Conrad, the game’s voice and sound artist to took his own life last year.

The VR experience works from a seated position, with the headset able to allow players to lean in to focus on certain objects and move around the world using a gamepad. This is one of the first exploration adventure titles that i’ve seen that makes me truly excited for this genre on this new technology. Dead Bug Creek is set for a 2016 release for Oculus and PSVR.




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