Watch Bethesda’s Prey Gameplay Trailer Here

“To make this right, someone has to die” protagonist Morgan Yu laments at the end of Bethesda’s new gameplay trailer for their Prey reboot. The line is strangely meta – in order to right the wrong of their failed Prey 2 sequel in 2012, everything we ever knew about Prey had to die. The resulting project couldn’t be further from the 2006 original game, but appears to still stand up as a shooter in its own right. Arcane Studios have taken over development from Human Head who worked on the original and we have a few key differences to note from it.

Instead of the gory mismatches of hybrid species nightmares we were subjected to in 2006, we have spooky shadow beasts gliding, darting, and scuttling around us. Instead of brute force, we are up against sly, slithery silhouettes.

Prey will see players control experimental subject Morgan Yu as he defeats the aliens invading his space station in the 2017-bound shooter that ‘reimagines the franchise from the ground up’. The title will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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