No Man’s Sky: Be Wary of Black Holes

As more and more of the No Man’s Sky universe is being uncovered, players are beginning to come across black holes. These warps throw you lightyears closer to the centre of the universe, and are a great trick for rapid progression through the game. They also look pretty cool too.

However be wary.

If you have previous waypoints set in the star system you are currently exploring, these waypoints will not go away. You’ll find yourself at a pretty much unreachable distance apart from them, and they block other waypoints from triggering. Essentially you’ll be stuck in a pretty game breaking existence of being reminded to visit these far distant waypoints while essentially being on the other side of the game. Incredibly frustrating, and often rage quitting stuff, make sure you’re completely happy with your exploration of the system you’re in at the moment before jetting off the other side of the universe.


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