4 New PS4 Releases To Get You To The End Of The Week

Another week, another list of PS4 releases to wade through. Spearfishing for the best new titles can be a labour of love, but just in case you wanted a cheat sheet here’s the hottest new releases sitting on your PS Store page right now.

God Eater 2: Rage Burst


Rage Burst comes to PlayStation today, boasting enhanced gameplay and visuals over its God Eater 2 predecessor. With extra story content and more survival missions, players can also now use the Blood Rage feature alongside some new weaponry, updated skills and abilities mechanics as they battle the Black Plague and ferocious creatures accompanying it. God Eater 2: Rage Burst is available now on PS4 and Vita, check out a handy list of tips over on the PlayStation Blog.

The Final Station


Rarely do train simulators and zombie shooters come together to create a cohesive product, but developers Tiny Build sought to make that dream come true. The resulting pixel pandemic hit PS Store yesterday, and is rapidly making its way round the indie circuit. Delays and cancellations aren’t the only nightmares on this job, keep your passengers safe from hordes of infested while you diligently deliver them to their final destination.



Fresh on the platformer scene is Hue, a colour spectacle that follows in the footsteps of Q.U.B.E. Progressing through levels requires the player to change the background colour of an otherwise monochrome world in order to see hidden elements and features. Following the story of a separated boy and mother, Hue provides a solid singular-concept indie experience. Speaking of, we actually caught up with one of the developers on the project a few months ago, which you can check out here.



Everyone’s talking about Verdun today. Its release yesterday on PS4 was well shadowed by its previous uptake on PC earlier in the year. However critics are praising the port with just as much enthusiasm as its quieter Windows release. Verdun takes players into a first person experience of WW1 trenches, a mechanic and historical backdrop that are certainly tricky to master. Nevertheless with inspiration drawing from the 1916 Battle of Verdun, this multiplayer squad based shooter is being hailed for its tactical performance. It looks like Verdun might be a good placeholder until Battlefield 1 comes along, though its unfortunate release scheduling means its been lost in the Battlefield beta rush.



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