Forget Remasters… It’s All About The Demaster

In a world where taking a perfectly good product and making it look like it’s from the 90s is reserved for the hipster population, the word ‘vintage’ has come to take some cultural precedence. The ‘demaster’ is gaming’s answer to Polaroid cameras and double denim.

Avid demaster-ers have been posting their retro answers to the onslaught of remastered games hitting stores in recent years across the internet. Resulting in a bizarre time machine experience, these screenshots provide a glimpse of the past… today. The emotions are all very confusing.

Fallout 3


Apparently blending isn’t just for Assassin’s Creed. 

The Last of Us


With the classic Naughty Dog Crash Bandicoot title screen and some 007-esque actions shots, “The Last of Us Demastered”. You can bet the pixel count in these gorgeous post-apocalypse views would have been much higher, but NeoGAF user plainr has nailed 90s Joel.


Uncharted 2


Continuing on the Naughty Dog thread, we have Uncharted 2. User Nibel brought those classic Crash Bandicoot textures to the streets of Nepal in this screenshot, teaching us what Nathan Drake would have looked like if he was in the same decade as Francis.



This would have been a pretty sweet looking game back in the days before full colour.

Kingdom Hearts


Kingdom Hearts meets the spikey block colours of Final Fantasy. 



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