We’ll Have To Wait A Little Longer For Uncharted Movie

While I strive to remain objective toward movie adaptations, considering them more of an add-on product and attempting not to allow them to discolour my own interpretation of the game world, I admit I am often wary of films about my favourite franchises.


Though I was never really looking forward to handing over my precious Uncharted series to a movie studio in the hopes that they may not butcher it, I was a little curious what Joe Carnahan and team could muster. It seems however that my morbid curiosity has not been rewarded. Many have now witnessed the removal of the Uncharted movie from Sony Picture’s release date calendar.

Initially pencilled in for a June 30 2017 release date the adaptation, which has already seen a turbulent development process in the years running up to its finalisation as a project, is now hanging from the hands of its secretive crew. Some fans have given up hope of a successful development, let alone final product, with this news while others are remaining hopeful and citing the sheer size of Uncharted’s potential coming from a revolutionary cinematic background already as reason for the delays. Others, including myself, find the release drop strangely reassuring. If the team are struggling to maintain their release date deadlines under the pressure from the series’ success, this push back shows a determination to remain faithful to the potential of the game. On the other hand if the mysterious disappearance of that June 30 placeholder means the movie is out the window then it obviously wasn’t working, and no adaptation is vastly better than a crap adaptation.



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