Indie VR Spotlight: The Gallery

The Gallery has been built for VR, with an active first episode released on Steam already on Vive and an Oculus version arriving soon. Advertised as a deep mystery narrative with an eclectic mix of characters, The Gallery has been built with 80s fantasy in mind. It will see players through its winding narrative using full room scale support and 1:1 hand tracking.

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Episode 1: Call of the Starseed is the first in this series and has been met with both critical and player praise. With an intro line as mysterious as its storyline, we are only told it involves “your missing sister, an ancient machine, and a sinister presence”. Nothing about this game looks minimal however. The scope and depth of the experience has been heralded by across the internet, one quick search brings up a cacophony of praising voices. However what possibly sets The Gallery apart from many Indie VR titles we’ve seen so far is its exquisite attention to detail in its surroundings and its even greater attention to interaction.

Pretty much everything you see in The Gallery can be interacted with, a phenomenal feat for a virtual reality title. While you may not want to spend hours touching everything you see, it certainly makes for an impressive level of immersion knowing that you can.

The Gallery: Call of the Starseed is available now on Steam for HTC Vive at the considerable price of £22.99. However developers Cloudhead Games announced last month that every HTC Vive headset is now bundled with the game as a starter package, serving as an exciting introduction to what the world of virtual reality can achieve.


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