4 Games You Didn’t Know You’d Be Playing This September

2016 has yielded a fruitful year of game releases so far, with the dreaded mid-year lull tiding over nicely with some big titles hitting stores. September is a month of bundled remasters with Bioshock and Dead Rising hitting in the second week, as well as some returns from our favourite and possibly slightly neglected series’ in the form of Dragon Quest 7 and Destiny: Rise of Iron. Meanwhile it’s all about the indies this month, with some returns from tried and tested successes as well as some new contenders we’ve been keeping an eye on.

The Curious Expedition


The Curious Expedition dropped last week, and aims to take you further into the past than its retro RPG design initially suggests. Players are tasked with the planning and undertaking of their expeditions alongside a cast of historical heroes in this adventure sim set in the late 19th Century. The Curious Expedition is the debut title from German indie studio Maschinen-Mensch, available now on Steam for PC and Mac.

The Tomorrow Children


I’ve been excited about The Tomorrow Children for a while now. At first glance it’s uncompromisingly confusing, however after some tinkering in a beta it looks set to provide one of the most thoughtful commentaries on human relationships we’ve seen in gaming in a while. The ins and outs can be found here, but suffice to say you’ll be relying on your fellow gamers in order to mine resources and build your town up. Q Games, the minds behind the PixelJunk franchise, have developed their own game engine for the title in order to firmly stamp their own Pixar-esque CGI rendering on the project. The Tomorrow Children is out on PS4 September 6th.

Don’t Starve Together


The multiplayer Don’t Starve expansion we’ve all been waiting for lands this month. The add on will allow players to join online games and enjoy a whole new set of social tactics as well as local co-op. The expansion also includes previous DLC Giants as well as all upgrades it affords and is available on PS4 September 13th.



Taking things a bit more mainstream now, ReCore is the Xbox exclusive that’s been hurtling towards us a while now. Following Joule after her wake from centuries of cryo-sleep, players must take back the world of Far Eden in a cartoonish world of one hero and her robot accomplices. The adventure puzzler hits stores on the 13th for Xbox and PC.




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