Should You Buy A PS4 Pro?

Sony introduced the world to their 4K PS4 Pro last night at a meeting in New York. It’s fair to say at this point that the PS4 Slim is one for those who haven’t yet made the fourth generation leap, offering the same brains as the classic PS4 but in a more table friendly shell. So we’re left with the PS4 Pro – the souped-up 4K evolution and $100 increase in price tag.

The only problem is the PS4 Pro only caters to a very specific market – those who already have a 4K TV and those who can afford one alongside their new graphics machine. Because that’s really the difference we’ll see – the graphics. Sony have been quick to shout that the Pro will play the exact same games as the PS4, just with higher graphical fidelity. And even then, it’s not running ‘pure’ 4K. Though currently celebrated as the first 4K console (the Xbox One S can run 4K but not in games), the Pro in actuality simply boosts lower resolutions. It’s the only way to ensure the same disks can run in all consoles, but we’ll have to see if it impedes the Pro’s success in any way. HDR gaming is another plus point but everyone will receive it regardless of their console in a firmware update soon. Similarly, HDR ready displays are still taking off.


The Pro’s price point is set on the 4K, and aimed at those who can already afford to run it. If you’re not already running a 4K screen, and have no plans to, it’s not an investment for now. Even if you don’t already own a PS4, picking up a Slim will do you more favours in the bank account and give you pretty much the same results over a Pro on a non-4K screen.

If you do already have a 4K gaff up, and are looking to either buy your first PS4 or to upgrade your existing console, it might be worth splashing out that extra $100. You can always wait and see how prices do over the holiday period, or look into the numerous trade schemes that will undoubtedly be in finalisation stages as we speak now.



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