5 Of The Best Retro Games Collectors On YouTube

Whether you love retro video games or just those who do, YouTube is the best place to settle down and binge-watch someone else making purchases you’re too scared to invest in yourself.


I’ve been subscribed to SeeJayAre for a few months now, starting off with his adorable Arcade Block unboxings feat. juniors. Whether you’re there to oggle at his beautifully crafted games bunker or simply to relish his 20 minute live garage sale pickup bargains, each video will leave you scouring eBay for deals that don’t seem to come close to the luck he has on his crawls. There are also some pretty interesting videos of his son playing classic retro games, as well as a handful of Lets Plays that serve more recent titles. At just over 50,000 subscribers he’s a growing voice in the crowd, with mostly retro offerings but a strong next-gen devotion there’s something for everyone.


On the other side of the pond, and perhaps a stride away from the ‘retro games collection’ scene is Ashens. Though focussing more on retro toys and other miscellaneous technological / 80s gaff, Ashens’ consistent disappointment with the world around him serves his comedy well and offers that beautifully British cynicism that makes me so proud of my country. He does regular subscription box unboxings in a wide range of genre, as well as short specific videos on novelty tat like fake iPhones and pound shop copies.


Follow thegamingphile as he scours flea markets, thrift stores, and garage sales for the best retro finds as well as enjoying personal vlogs, unboxings, and plenty of Amiibo madness. While videos can be few and far between, it’s a nice surprise to see one in your subscription, and at only 5499 subscribers he’s still clearing his path in the YouTube world. You’ll be spoilt for rare pickups however, as well as all things SNES.

Game Dave

Perhaps the most precisely named channel on our list, Game Dave seeks to share his passion for classic games through regular reviews, playthroughs and collection pickups. Game Dave is however a slightly more personal channel, with cheerily nostalgic stories from his own video game memories and live streams on the regular, Game Dave is the channel that keeps giving. If you’re particularly interested in the Famicom system, you’ll be glad to learn of Game Dave’s FamiCorner series which displays different Famicom titles regularly.


On top of the classic retro collections we’ve all come to love by now, Gamester81 devotes a considerable amount of time to hardware and software that perhaps didn’t see the same level of success back in the day. Taking us to various expos and conventions, we can follow Gamester as he builds his 200 system strong collection.


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