Anywhere VR Brings Your Phone Into Your VR Experience

Sony recently let go of more details surrounding their PSVR headset. Alongside the games we’ve all been shown time and time again, the most interesting part of their pre-Tokyo Game Show release was their demonstration of the first example of smart phone integration into VR software.

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I’m assuming you have to own a Sony phone to do this, but it’s entirely possible that you don’t, but Sony have managed to project the action from your phone into your VR view. As well as browsing social networking, replying to texts, and even playing games, users are immersed in a relaxing background of their choosing. Touted as a full audio-visual experience, the demo sang some classical tunes while presenting a floral landscape to check your phone to. There are other options, though we’re not sure yet if the music can be personalised. It would be a strange move if it weren’t, as the feature has been developed by Sony’s in-house Sony Music Entertainment division.


To operate the system, users simply navigate their phone as normal, except the display is projected into your headset in real time. Only time will tell how popular this function will become – it feels counter-intuitive to not be able to see your thumb placement on the actual screen which leads me to question the accessibility of the system.

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 15.17.03.png

With no release date set for Anywhere VR, and no official trailer, all we have to go on now is Sony’s press conference itself. You can skip ahead to the Anywhere VR section at around an hour into this video of the whole thing.


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