Check Out ElectricBunnyComics’ Hilarious Take on Modern Gaming

Every now and then I come across something on the web that needs to be shared with you guys. This time, it’s the work of brilliant artist Dingo from ElectricBunnyComics (@EBcomics). Her irreverent take on the world around her, her life, and her experiences leaves site visitors chuckling surreptitiously in libraries and offices all over. As well as a funny bone however, EBComics also has a gaming thumb, and the result is some of the most circulated treasures in video game humour.

Fallout 4.jpg
Fallout 4
Skyrim vs life.jpg
“Skyrim vs life”
Deku Done.jpg
“Deku Done”
Bioshock problems.jpg
“Bioshock problems”

Electric Bunny Comics prints and other merchandise are available from their online store, and feel free to contribute to the artist’s patreon.

All images belong to Electric Bunny Comics.



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