The Pong Climbing Wall That’s Taking Over Finland

Have you ever played a game of Pong and really wanted to become that little white bat icon? Well now you can, with the help of Finnish company Augmented Climbing Wall.

Their creation, a conventional climbing wall that’s been rigged to an augmented reality projector, is taking the internet by storm today as it shows off an amazing air hockey / ping pong game, Climball. Players score points by getting the ball projection past their opponent which defending their own side of the wall by batting the offending light away. On their official website, Augmented Climbing Wall states that their technology:

“combines projected graphics and proprietary body tracking to create interactive games and training applications”

The tech can be installed on existing walls, and is also able to run a number of other games and applications including Augmented Problems and Whack-a-Bat. Augmented Problems is a training application that allows users to chart a route through a wall on the touchscreen accompaniment for it to be projected onto the wall itself. Users can save their routes for future players as well as use the interactive teacher mode which waits for you to copy the computer’s move on the wall. Whack-a-Bat meanwhile has you scrambling across the wall to hit a creature when it appears in a “gamified endurance trainer”. The application was used in a Finnish bouldering League competition last year.


If you want to experience the augmented wall for yourself, it’s great news if you live in Finland. The walls are only active over there at the moment, so the rest of us may have wait a while. Nevertheless, with a team made up of game designers, computer vision experts, and ux designers, the technology looks impressive enough to be crossing borders soon.


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