Titanfall 2 Flops In UK

According to Chart-Track, Titanfall 2 has brought in some underwhelming initial sales in its first week. The sequel hit storefronts October 28th, however has been unable to live up to its predecessor's chart level since. It's important to remember that Chart-Track only records the sale of physical copies, leaving downloads in the dark. While it's possible that... Continue Reading →

Indie VR Spotlight: Vanguard V

ZeroTransform already have a handful of VR titles out there at the moment, most prominent of which is Proton Pulse. However the Oregon based devs are using revenue from this breakout-esque blinder to fund development on their new intergalactic rail shooter, Vanguard V. Players will take the place of Qu and are tasked with saving planet inhabitants... Continue Reading →

Cryptic Hello Games Tweets Blamed On Hack

Those who follow No Man's Sky developers Hello Games on Twitter may have been left confused this morning after the company apparently told the masses that "No Man's Sky was a mistake". The tweet was quickly removed from the timeline and the account placed on lockdown after the 16-man studio became aware of the slip. Though some... Continue Reading →

Is Rogue Raiders Just What The PS Vita Needs

The PS Vita often sits on a lonely shelf by itself in today's console gaming market. The handheld system that featured the likes of Uncharted, Minecraft, Call of Duty, and Borderlands in its early days has been the designated JRPG machine ever since. Fans have become disillusioned with the potential of the device as more first and third party developers are  dropping Vita support... Continue Reading →

GAME UK Charging For PSVR Demo

UK-based games retailer GAME has taken an interesting approach to poaching people into PSVR - by ripping them off. Whereas across the pond you can step into a Best Buy and slip a headset on to demo the tech before making that hefty purchase, here in the UK you'll have to get your wallet out for... Continue Reading →

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