Indie VR Spotlight: CTRL

With the advent of virtual reality came a revolution in storytelling. And Breaking Fourth is on the front line of that revolution with their theatrical narrative experience CTRL.

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Their debut project comes a year after the company’s founding in 2015, and follows a young eSports competitor through a turbulent chess tournament. What’s going on behind the web cam however is what critics are hailing as a VR narrative reformation. As we vicariously learn more and more about protagonist Liam’s troubling home-life, we are forced to view his gameplay, motivations, and desperation in new lights.


Breaking Fourth has set its sights on achieving its primary mission – “to push the boundaries of compelling high quality narrative content on VR” with its premiere. Crossing the barrier of the faceless protagonist that will often haunt a character-based narrative experience in VR, CTRL sees Liam’s face projected above the gameplay arena and his movements projected in the dark world below him. It’s this prolonged exposure to his face, his emotions, and his words that draw us ever closer to him as a character.


So far, CTRL has been stunning its audiences into silence, and is proving pivotal not only for Breaking Fourth’s progress in the narrative VR field but also the experience as genre. For a while, the experience was doing the rounds as a theatrical experience, however it has just hit Oculus Store and is available for £2.99 or $3.99.

Breaking Fourth: 

Twitter: @BreakingFourth


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