Microsoft HoloLens Comes To UK

Pre-Orders are now open for UK developers and companies to get their hands on Microsoft’s augmented / mixed reality HoloLens headset.

Microsoft recently announced that the HoloLens was travelling to 6 new countries including the UK, after being available in the US since March. Since its US release, companies as big as NASA have been experimenting with the tech producing programs serving medical students in real time, Skype calls with projected accessory features, and interactive interior design applications.

man working with Microsoft HoloLens

For around £3,000, UK developers can now pre-order their own kits, with shipping expected to begin in November.

In the HoloLens, Microsoft has been carefully sidestepping the VR revolution of 2016. Instead focussing on applications that serve business and professional spheres, the company has built its device as an elite “mixed reality” programmer’s tool. Though they’re not saying no to a consumer version in years to come, it might be a while until we get that Minecraft demo we’d been lured in with from the start.

Man playing Minecraft with MicrosoftHoloLens

For now, smaller startups are engaging the AR-hungry gaming audience with their focus on AR Board Games and similar peripheral tactics for existing titles.


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