Modal VR: Atari Co-Founder Nolan Bushnell’s New VR Venture

A new elite VR experience is in the works from Atari’s Nolan Bushnell. The video game giant has just released word of his new venture, Modal VR which seeks to put the likes of Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PSVR in the shadows.

The tech will likely focus on the emerging VR arcade scene, with its wireless setup and 900,000 square feet capabilities. Full body tracking suits will be provided to allow players a wide range of motion across an even vaster play space. The VR arcade scene is on the rise, and sees high end virtual reality machines take on Virtuality-like social functioning. However the sophistication of this technology will allow users to take on a virtual reality experience currently unparalleled in today’s capabilities (check out that under 10 millisecond latency).

modal VR core system set up

Modal VR is still in its prototype stages, but has announced that developer kits will begin their shipments soon. It feels like a paintball / laster tag type affair that will definitely not only draw more people to the benefits of virtual reality but also provide those without the financial abilities to commit to the hefty price tags of even the most consumer friendly models with opportunity to experience this emerging phenomenon.


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