PSVR: The Hacks And Tips You Need To Know

It’s PSVR DAY!! Happy VR day to all you PlayStationers with a spare £350. With all launch days however, there are teething problems – small, niggling issues that can often be readily fixed with a quick google. So why bother googling every little problem when i’ve already done it all for you! Here’s every tip and hack to help you hit the ground running with your shiny new toy.

This is a pretty detailed post, and more of a reference point, so here are the issues i’ll be dealing with: Blurry Vision, Setting Up For Multiple Users, Backlights, Motion Sickness, Stuttering Move Controllers, Testing Before Buying, Recalibration, Making Use of Second Hand Shops, and Charging Stands.

If you’re looking for gaming inspiration, you can have a look at our list of every prominent PSVR launch day title.

Blurry Vision

Straight out of the box, this is often the first issue users are running into. Some don’t even know that they’re playing at a lower quality than they can be and are amazed with the results when they fiddle around a bit. If your vision is blurry (or if you don’t think it is and haven’t already done this), then you may need to recalibrate your eye distance with your device.

Eye Measurement.png

Head to the Device section under Settings and hit PlayStation VR / Measure eye to eye distance. After the simplistic calibration at the beginning of your setup, you may not be aware that there are more detailed features you can delve into. It turns out that the recommended 70cm distance you need to sit from the camera when calibrating your eye distance is heavily specific. Take the time to measure out this distance carefully and then position yourself directly in that spot. You’ll find that Cinematic Mode and Anywhere VR are much more enticing when you’ve got the calibrations down and overall the reading will be much more effective, leaving you wondering how you survived in the blurry world of yore.

Another issue resulting in blurriness could be the positioning of the headset on your head. Remember that Sony have created the PSVR to feel extremely comfortable on any head shape and size, so just because that foamy pillow is supporting your face nicely doesn’t mean it’s appropriately positioned for you.

psvr headset from back

Multiple Users

With the detail of the setup and calibration being so personalised, many users are wondering if it is possible to set up different calibration settings for multiple players. Good news! It is. All that is required is different profiles on the PS4 for each player, and calibration will reset for whoever has logged into the system meaning settings can be changed uniquely and to fit every individual who plays.


There’s been a lot of talk about PSVR tracking. While major media outlets aren’t happy, many users are ecstatic with the product, however have pinpointed the issues that may cause disappointment. Make sure there is no backlight that your camera can see. This means no sunlight or bright lights between you and the camera (which should be about 6ft away from the play position) and keep the room around you as dim as possible. Things users are unlikely to consider include reflective surfaces such as glass picture frames, mirrors, and even shiny leather sofas, as well as any light from TVs. Turn the TV off, as the light from the screen will likely be bouncing back off your glaringly white headset and confusing the camera.


There is a handy PSVR feature that allows you to pinpoint exactly which lighting problems are causing you grief. Press the PS button to bring up the settings menu and click Adjust PlayStation VR / Confirm Your Position. Not only does this help calibrate the camera, but it will display everything the camera sees in negative so darker spots will alert you to the light interference in your room.

Motion Sickness

Motion sickness isn’t something we’re going to get around for now, despite vMocion’s GVs technology advances. So for now just remember that a slight headache is your warning sign of oncoming motion sickness, if the headache starts clouding in and / or you begin feeling queasy just take a break and let it all settle down.

VR motion sickness.jpeg

It may be frustrating but in the long run you’ll be able to play much more if you let yourself break for a bit than if you spend the rest of the day in bed clutching your stomach. The fact of life is that at the moment VR exhausts the brain with its stimulation overload and we just have to work around it.

Nintendo Wii Spongebob funny.jpg

Stuttering Move Controllers

One of the biggest problems users are spouting at the moment is the Move Controller’s tendency to stutter. This can be an incredibly frustrating aspect of play, especially in games like Job Simulator where hands are a necessity.

office in job simulator

While being easily fixable however, it’s an element of the PSVR you’re going to want to keep on top of. Ensure that your controllers are topped right up on battery, it’s the powering down of the controller that causes its communication with the sensors to blip. Similarly this communication may be being interrupted by interfering bluetooth signals. Things like playing music over bluetooth speakers while playing are most often the issue here, however phone bluetooth signals have been known to cause problems as well as laptops. As well as this, another key way to maintain a steady hand is to remain close to the camera. You don’t need to be up in it’s grill, but like the Wii, a longer distance will dramatically reduce the effectiveness of the signal communication.

Testing Before Buying

In the run up to launch day, many outlets have been giving players the opportunity to try out the PSVR for themselves to make an informed decision on your purchase. As VR is a highly personal experience this is imperative for reaching consumers who won’t see the hype until they experience it for themselves. However many testers fall short in their experimentations. If you’re still on the fence about the technology and have opted to take it out for a spin, remember to test the headset and not the game. If you decide to purchase, you’ll have forever to find the games you enjoy and to base your decision on trial games of the launch lineup would be a mistake. Take your time with the headset itself. Don’t bust out for the highest demo score or race to the end – move around, tilt your head, make sure the headset fits right for you and analyse your own responses for it. You’re paying £350 for the screens themselves, not the demo version of Eve. 

Recalibrate Your Camera Often

PS4 Camera.jpg

At night, the sun goes away. Science over, the PSVR needs to be recalibrate quite regularly to counteract the different light levels around your room. For an optimal experience every time try and get into the habit of setting up the camera to work with the light level at the time of play every time you get ready for a session.

Make Use of Second Hand Shops 


Move Controllers have been out a while, and up until a few months ago were pretty cheap to pick up. In case you didn’t think to pre-purchase these peripherals before the dreaded launch day price increase, turn to your favourite second hand shop for your saving grace. Not only are many stores likely to have run out of Move stock, but the ones that are available will be set at a majorly hiked up price. In the UK, CEX are offering the controllers for £15. This is a boost on their old £10 price tag but isn’t as severe as many mainstream outlets are getting away with.

Charging Stands

You’ve set up your PSVR, re-calibrated, sorted out the lighting, set up multiple users, taken breaks during your awesome playtime, and situated yourself a good distance throughout your session – now it’s time to put it away and let it recharge… and it takes up your whole living room. To avoid Sony’s hijacking of every power outlet you have in the room, try investing in one of the many charging docks that have hit the market in recent weeks. This one is made by Sony and can hold Move Controllers and DualShock 4s for a comfy fit. However if you’re willing to wait a while, the Dynamo Charging Station will keep everything contained in a tidy little bundle from December onwards.



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