Could This Be The Red Dead Redemption News We’ve Been Waiting For?

Rockstar Games have just updated their official site and Twitter pages with a simple red banner. The ubiquity of such a move suggests something big is on our horizons, and what’s more pertinent to this red background than the whisperings of a Red Dead Redemption sequel.

The sequel is in fact more than mere whisperings. It’s a fully fledged project that’s been floating around the web-o-sphere for a while now. We’ve heard a ton of rumours, as expected with a franchise of this size, including a reported, and confirmed, leak of the game’s map and the plot components it suggests.  With the original title’s release predating us by six years now, it’s high time Rockstar released some more info on their wild west themed shoot em up.

The tease anticipates an official announcement any minute now, so stay tuned for more updates here as they unfold.


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