GAME UK Charging For PSVR Demo

UK-based games retailer GAME has taken an interesting approach to poaching people into PSVR – by ripping them off.

Whereas across the pond you can step into a Best Buy and slip a headset on to demo the tech before making that hefty purchase, here in the UK you’ll have to get your wallet out for only ten minutes of play. After 8 hours of these ten minute demos, you’ve paid for more than the console.

With that £500 price tag, only the lucky few of us are able to hand over that shiny card on a whim. The rest of us are stuck in a pit of pros and cons lists – do we eat for the rest of the year, or do we risk it all to be poor but in a different reality? GAME is preying on these undecided – you need to see it for yourself to understand the phenomenal reception VR technology has been met with.


In short, don’t head to GAME to see if VR’s for you. It’s a shame that the high street company with possibly the biggest potential for displaying VR to the everyday consumer has decided to be selfish with it. Thousands of people aren’t going to understand how revolutionary this tech can be because of the ridiculous price tag on even giving it a go, let alone purchasing it for yourself. Demos are free promises of what technology can benefit the purchaser should they decide to splash out, they’re not extra pocket fillers.



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