Is Rogue Raiders Just What The PS Vita Needs

The PS Vita often sits on a lonely shelf by itself in today’s console gaming market. The handheld system that featured the likes of Uncharted, Minecraft, Call of Duty, and Borderlands in its early days has been the designated JRPG machine ever since. Fans have become disillusioned with the potential of the device as more first and third party developers are  dropping Vita support left and right. Today, the machine exists for many as an extra gadget to tie into their PS4 system – a piggybacking peripheral.

However out of these ashes of complacency may rise the phoenix that is Rogue Raiders. Currently still in its Kickstarter days, the 4 player online action RPG looks like it’s set to redefine the Vita genre. Developed as a love letter to the handheld system, it’s promising to see a game designated to the Vita’s renewal. It’s not every day you see a game being developed to push a specific console this late into the cycle, and developer Christina Martin seeks to unlock the ignored potential of the device.


The game’s anthropomorphised Firefly-esque raiding system sees the player take on the position not of a generic hero, but rather as a raider interested only in grabbing bounty for survival and progression. Online multiplayer mechanics look incredibly interesting, with Martin divulging that certain members of the rogue squad may be given ulterior motives during missions meaning trust is not a commodity to treat lightly.


Hopefully Rogue Raiders will give developers and players a new lease of life in their handling of the PS Vita. It’s such an undeveloped console that can do so much more but is instead being left to rot by the big guns and their dollar sign eyes. One of the few consoles i’ve owned that makes me want to play just for the feel of the buttons its beautiful design, i’m certainly looking forward to a more dynamic game roster in the future.

Long Live The PS Vita.


Images Courtesy of Kickstarter, Dangerous Alone

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