Ico / Shadow of the Colossus Receive New Art Prints After The Last Guardian Goes Gold

Art seller Cook & Becker have offered up two new art prints of Team Ico’s previous titles Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. 

The Last Guardian went gold just last week, and will be released the NA public December 6th and 9th for EU after being in development since 2007. To celebrate, 500 museum-grade prints of each earlier game have been released featuring Fumita Ueda’s original art work. The Ico piece offers the now iconic cover art for the original game, while the Shadow of the Colossus print, named Nico after the game’s original working title, displays one of the earliest game images revealed to the public.

Ico Art .jpg

Prices start at $95 for the print itself, with costs rising if punters choose extra features like framing and high quality glass. With such a limited number of prints available, and such a massive fan following, you’ll have to be quick with a wallet to grab your copy. Each numbered print also comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Nico : Shadow of the Colossus Art.jpg

The Dutch dealership has been in the video game art business for a few years and have built an impressive repertoire of prints from games such as The Last of Us, Mass Effect, and Mirror’s Edge. Just last year they opened their new Indie division which seeks to hang iconic independent game images on the walls of consumers. A firm fan favourite, Cook & Becker have been completing players’ dream game rooms since they started focusing on the world of digital art. World renowned for its high quality at affordable collector and everyday consumer prices, our beloved titles are in good hands.

You can grab a remaining Ico or Nico art print from Cook & Becker’s website.


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