Cryptic Hello Games Tweets Blamed On Hack

Those who follow No Man’s Sky developers Hello Games on Twitter may have been left confused this morning after the company apparently told the masses that “No Man’s Sky was a mistake”.

The tweet was quickly removed from the timeline and the account placed on lockdown after the 16-man studio became aware of the slip. Though some have placed the blame with a disgruntled studio member, Hello Games themselves have announced that the entire charade was a hack.


With the company’s mysterious silence surrounding the release of their now infamous space exploration-adventure-mine-roam thing, eagle eyed followers are fair in their theories of in-house mutiny. It hasn’t exactly been plain sailing for the small studio since their masterpiece was tossed to the depths of steam ratings and refunds were angrily sought.

Mysterious emails were then received by a number of media outlets reaching out to lead developer Sean Murray. Such emails supposedly claimed responsibility for the tweet, with Murray (or whoever got hold of his password) telling the press that the team “have not been coping well”.

It’s likely this is just a server hack that’s extended to emails, but it’s difficult to brush off the notion that things aren’t exactly heavenly over at Hello Games.


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