Indie VR Spotlight: Vanguard V

ZeroTransform already have a handful of VR titles out there at the moment, most prominent of which is Proton PulseHowever the Oregon based devs are using revenue from this breakout-esque blinder to fund development on their new intergalactic rail shooter, Vanguard V.

Players will take the place of Qu and are tasked with saving planet inhabitants from parasitic threats located deep within their planet’s core. Variety is introduced at every layer of your quest, and intuitive motion controls remove the need for expensive / out of stock controller add-ons. Simply look in a certain direction and you’ll move there, and your targeting takes on the same mechanic. Coming from a third person perspective however will prove an interesting application of these controls, and indeed the ever present issue of motion sickness in VR.

Nevertheless, Vanguard V looks set to provide an exciting experience when it hits major VR headsets. Indeed, players are already loving it. A single level playable demo was made available in August 2014 for Oculus Share, and quickly rose to the top charts. The game has been featured on several YouTube playthroughs in its early stages, and if Proton Pulse is anything to go by it should be a brilliantly crafted title.


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