Sleeping Dogs Developer United Front Closes Doors

Reports were flooding in overnight of United Front's untimely demise. The studio that brought you 2012's ultimate open world adventure Sleeping Dogs as well as countless other titles including Little Big Planet Karting and Triad Wars has let its staff go and closed the front gate. United Front, based in Vancouver Canada, has also played a major role in the development... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Recent Steam Free To Play

The Free To Play section of the Steam homepage is regrettably a largely neglected part of my games browsing. There's a strange audience for the F2P. You either love it or you hate it, nevertheless, everyone deserves to know what's going on over in the PC land of the free. Battleline: Steel Warfare Though released... Continue Reading →

What Does VR Do To Your Brain?

As virtual reality explodes into the mainstream, many researchers are taking deeper looks at the role the brain plays in the undertaking of a VR experience. It isn't hard to understand that the brain reacts completely differently to a virtual reality environment, but exactly what changes is still a blurry area of thought. The level... Continue Reading →

Microsoft HoloLens Comes To UK

Pre-Orders are now open for UK developers and companies to get their hands on Microsoft's augmented / mixed reality HoloLens headset. Microsoft recently announced that the HoloLens was travelling to 6 new countries including the UK, after being available in the US since March. Since its US release, companies as big as NASA have been... Continue Reading →

How Pac-Man Redefined Character In Gaming

Back in the so called Golden Age of video gaming, the rudimentary graphical technologies at the hands of developers meant it was much easier to create an in-game player-symbol that rarely changed its physical appearance. Animation costs were saved, as well as countless hours of work, and as a result many of the early playable... Continue Reading →

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