The Last Of Us Receives HDR Support For PS4 Pro

It’s not surprising that one of the first games to receive retroactive PS4 Pro and HDR support would be from one of the company’s headline studios. Naughty Dog is Sony’s golden child and The Last of Us their prized prodigy, so it makes sense that the chart toppling masterpiece will sit at the forefront of PS4 Pro upgrades.

Naughty Dog’s patch upgraded visuals and sound to boost power behind the title in preparation for the PS4 Pro’s release on the 10th November. Running at Native 4K at 30fps, and also apparently able to reach 60fps, the team have also disclosed that the patches improve sound and shadow quality. The Last Of Us marks the beginning in what will definitely be an onslaught of patching to make use of the PS4’s new HDR components. With every PS4 console now able to run games in this HDR capacity, the improvements can be seen even by those who don’t splash out on the new console… but have splashed out for an HDR-ready TV.

When you look up how much 4K TVs cost…

We were initially shown images of The Last of Us running on PS4 Pro when the system was announced, alongside glorious images of Uncharted 4It’s just a matter of time, then, before Nathan Drake receives his makeover alongside the rest of the PlayStation population.


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