Here’s Why Ratchet And Clank Won’t Run At 60fps On PS4 Pro

After Ratchet and Clankthe 2016 reboot of the original PS2 title designed to fit with the movie release, was so highly praised for its visual sophistication, it’s difficult to understand why Insomniac Games have announced that the title won’t run to full PS4 Pro capacity.

Community manager James Stevenson has even come out and told sources that “making frame rate changes was never on the cards. Sorry.”. It may come as a blow to fans of the series, however there are decent reasons behind the development move.

Ratchet and Clank was initially developed to be locked at 30fps. Though a frame rate increase would certainly soup the experience up for the PS4 Pro, it’s not the direction Insomniac want to take. They’re quick to point out that their in-house engine is fully capable of higher fps estimates, however in order to bypass this lock on Ratchet and Clank, the effort would be “gigantic”.


It would seem then, that Ratchet and Clank‘s development and release came at an unfortunate moment in its hardware’s evolution. Designed as a PS4 exclusive, on release Ratchet and Clank made full use of the PS4’s output. However releasing too early to take these graphical improvements into account during development, and too late to warrant such a large amount of work to boost its performance may be the root cause here.

Stevenson even spoke out saying that “Ratchet was in development way before PS4 Pro was a thing” before describing the title’s full optimisation of the hardware at hand. All is not lost in this unfortunate timing however, Insomniac have been working on upgrading their title for the PS4 Pro system, including improvements to depth of field.


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