Play The Unfinished Final Left 4 Dead Campaign Now

Turtle Rock Studios recently released a file containing their final campaign from Left 4 Dead before the game was handed over to Valve.

The campaign sees players traverse the rural countryside after crash landing the C-130 from Dead Air. Named Dam It, work becomes patchy at best towards the end of the campaign, with the quality dramatically reduced – it’s to be expected however, this was never meant to be seen by the public and has been sitting in a drawer all these years. It plays however, and it plays pretty nicely.

Here’s Bolloxed giving it a run through:

Co-founder Chris Ashton also wrote on the Turtle Rock forums that the grey box gameplay also came with “two standalone survival maps that never shipped”. With fans still left in the dark about Left 4 Dead 3‘s gameplay or release date, this new [old] campaign will definitely provide a much needed top up. All of this unsightly but playable content can be yours with a quick download over here.


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