The First Copy of The Last Guardian Exists

A tweet posted yesterday shows developer Fumito Ueda posing with the first hard copy of The Last Guardian to exist. Though he looks calm and relaxed, it’s easy to project just how much relief is in this picture, as The Last Guardian nears the end of its 7 year development period.

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 17.54.21.png

Following in the footsteps of Shadow of the Colossus and Ico, The Last Guardian went gold on October 22nd and since then fans have been celebrating the coming of one of the most anticipated releases this year.

Ueda also posted an unboxing of the hard copy, which shows off a reversible cover though sadly no insert in sight. What this does mean is that a physical release is tantalisingly close, it exists and somewhere in the world there are ready-made disks ready to be slotted neatly into a PS4 and enjoyed. That’s a reassuring thought to hold onto after these years of delays and updates, and the tangibility of such announcements is incredibly exciting.


The industry itself is heavily celebratory of the game’s imminent release. Art dealer Cook & Becker have commemorated the upcoming release with a series of new digital art prints, and Sony Entertainment posted a heartfelt retrospective on the series’ impact on its players earlier last month.

Tomorrow we’ll have the chance to catch up with Ueda himself as he goes live with YouTube Gaming to talk about the upcoming release, and the soundtrack will be headed for a vinyl release later in the year.

The Last Guardian releases December 6th for NA and 7th for EU. The title will be optimised for PS4 Pro in time for its release date.


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