Nintendo Releases Every NES Classic Game Manual

Nintendo’s NES Classic console releases today, and alongside such a retro investment, Nintendo have made the manuals for each NES title featured on the system available online.

Up for grabs as an electronic manual or a print-out version, the manuals all retain their original art and instructions. From their archaic tone to their small black and white demonstration screen shots, every part has been lovingly archived by Nintendo and compiled for your downloading pleasure.

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 09.23.54.png

I love manuals, and seeing them fazed out after the PS3 has left me somewhat heartbroken. There’s something about a hard copy of inviting information available before you even slot the disk in that’s deeply satisfying. Looking over the manual in the car on the way home was the pinnacle of the experience, reading everything the next few hours will bring me and willing the journey to shorten.

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 09.22.58.png

Pre-orders for the NES Classic sold out months ago, so it’s unlikely you can walk into a store and grab one this morning. Nevertheless, once demand decreases they may be fairly easy to pick up so unless you’re lucky enough to have secured a console early, you might be waiting a while to get your hands on one. Just keep reading the manuals and getting excited for now.


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